Valeriy Kagounkin Art
Tamara Magdalina art
Valeriy Kagounkin Art
Valeriy Kagounkin Art
Tamara Magdalina
Valeriy Kagounkin Art Tamara Magdalina art

Valeriy Kagounkin

           From the humble beginnings of a child from small work town in Siberia, I can only marvel at sheer amount of works of art has been created since, and the accomplishments achieved by Valeriy up to this day. Thousands of drawings and paintings created in long years of art schools and later Russia’s most prestigious Surikov’s Art Academy in Moscow. The graduation from Academy in 1988 with the “red Diploma” a highest honor a student can achieve. And later, as a professor at Krasnoyarsk Art Institute, Valeriy taught best of classical painting techniques and inspired his students, all the while creating and developing his own voice. Every trip and every journey was always accompanied by an easel and stack of canvas. Valeriy’s goal in his paintings was to tell the stories of the people, the characters, and of the land around them. Thousands of work’s found their home in museums and private collections in: Russia, Japan, Italy, Germany, Cyprus, China, Spain, Argentina, and United States.

           Valeriy is the honor member of Russian artists association and an active Academic, the highest title and an honor an artist can achieve throughout a career. Valeriy Kagounkin was awarded 2 big gold medals from Art Academy society for two major exhibitions in 2015 and 2014 in Moscow Academy exhibition halls, Krasnoyarsk Art institute exhibition galleries, and Abakan’s art schools. In addition he was awarded a silver medal #193 from United Nations and International information Academy Department of the Humanities for the substantial contribution to the culture.

           Valeriy was born in Siberia, into a Chuvash tribe, Russian native peoples, and was growing up taking care of cattle and horses as a kid before he attended first children’s art school. It is no surprise that American country lifestyle found fertile soil in a soul of a Siberian artist. Valeriy Kagounkin now lives and works in Sacramento California telling stories and inspiring, through his works, about the people of the land.


In United States Valeriy was awarded:   (resent)

2016 - 2nd Place,  “Road to High Pasture, Phippen Museum

2016 - People’s Choice Award, Cattlemen’s Assoc Art Show and Sale

2015 - Best Acrylic  “Biting the Dust”  Old West Museum Western Spirit Art Show

2015 - Phippen Family Award  “Outlaws” Phippen Museum Art Show

2015 - Art of the west Magazine Award at Phippen Museum “Nowhere to Hide”

Valeriy’s paintings hang in the Contemporary Museum of Moscow, Russia  (11 paintings) and the Historian Museum of Siberia  (2 paintings)



Juried Shows:    (resent)

2015, 2016 - Old West Museum Western Spirit Art Show, Cheyenne, Wyoming, March 2015 and 2016

2015, 2016 - Juried Show: Phippen Museum Art Show & Sale May 2015 and 2016, Prescott, Az.

2016 - 2nd Place Acrylic  “Road to High Pastures”

2016 - Rider, Pony Express was accepted and sold by the Charles Russel Museum Exhibit and Benefit Sale for their First Strike Auction in March 2016

2016 - Juried Show: Cattlemen’s Assoc. Winner of People’s Choice award

2015 - 3rd Place Phippen Family Award, art of the West Award, acrylic

2015 - Empire Elite 100, Empire Ranch Foundation held at the Tucson Desert Art museum



Exhibitions in United States:    (resent)

2017 - Exhibit One-man Show at Olaf Wieghorst Museum, El Cajon CA

2016 - Exhibit at the Slo-poke Western Art Rodeo Pismo Beach CA

2012, 2014, 2015, 2017 - Exhibited at the Russian Festival, San Francisco, California

2013 - Exhibited at Fort Ross Sonoma County California

Tamara Magdalina

           In Progress...


In United States Tamara was awarded:   (resent)


Juried Shows:    (resent)

Exhibitions in United States:    (resent)

Phippen Family Museum quick draw and art show 2017

Valeriy kagounkin and Tamara Magdalina

We want to thank everyone for being at the show! It was a pleasure to meet everyone, to show and exhibit our art work. Special thanks to Phippen family for organizing the event where artist have an opportunity to exhibit and interact with people.  


Enjoy our short little video, and hope to see you next year at Arizona, Prescott - Phippen Family Museum. 

Phippen Family Museum, exhibition and quick-draw event.

Last year was a blast, Join us next year! 

Medicine Lake (2016)

Artists on PlainAir painting trip

   Everywhere we go we bring a canvas and an easel with us, and Medicine Lake is no exception. Been visiting and camping there number of times, truly breathtaking place.

   This time we witnessed how snow is born; It was truly a magnificent sight to behold.

Beautiful sunny morning, birds chirping, warm breeze combs the Lake with tiny ripples, and all of the sudden the wind began picking up. The light grayed out, and as the temperature dropped, small rain began to fall. As rain grew in volume, epic clouds of mist curled and rose from the lake covering the valley in rolling fog. Moments later with mist rising ever higher it began to hail, and few moments more, it turned into snow. We saw entire forest transformed from green woods to winter fairy tale in matter of minutes.

                           -Tamara Magdalina 

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