Old Krasnoyarsk    House of Novi    Voskresenskaya street  1909

   by  Valeriy Kagounkin 

House of Novi on Voskrenskaya street 1909 is one of a historical, pre revolution era  paintings in a series from Archival photo records of Yenisei Province, Siberia, Russia.

 Oil/canvas  72 X 104 cm     Painted in:  Sacramento  CA  2010


Publications  -  E 63 Енесейская губерня в картинах Валерия Кагунькина.  Альбом - Красноярск; 2012.  52 ц    

                            V.V.Checrashin Publishing  .  Krasnoyarsk  .  2012

Provenance  -  Available 

Artist's Statement  -  It always fascinated me to see old photgraphs and recently taken of same  location side by side. To see what changed and what stayed the same. House if Novi (дом Нови) is the location where Lenin lived during his

Collectors  - 

Awards  -  Russian Artist Association Gold medal  .  Silver medal #193  International Information Academy Department of the Humanities