Big Gold Medal - 2014

Valeriy Kagounkin was awarded the Big Gold Medal from the Russian Art Academy 2013. Following the large exhibition in 3 cities of Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, and Abakan.

Valeriy was bestowed an honor of Academic!

Exhibition was made possible and special thanks to:

Zurab Tsereteli,

Aram Grigoryan,

Pavel Arzumanov,

Oleg Basaev,

Vladimir, Cherkashin.

Additional Article for The Chuvashia's Choice in the Presidency of Russia


#goldmedal #winner #award #валерийкагунькин #kagounkin #ZurabTsereteli #OlegBasaev #PavelArzumanov #AramGrigoryan #VladimirCherkashin

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