Cold Drink Forest Hills CA
South Rim Grand Canyon
Under Idaho Sky
Dead Horse Ridge
Benchmark Trailhead
Northern Wyoming
Skyline Trail
Wind River High Counrty
Grass Valley CA Crossing the Creek2
Dream Do Come True for One licky
Way to the Mountan
USFS service ways to the Mountain
Rocky Trail
Fresh Wind in High Country
4am Ready to Ride


Wyoming Wind River Pack in High
Heading to the Ranch
Cow Manure Smell is Money
Deer Creek Trail Wyoming
Way to the Mountain
Return to the Ranch
Indian Nation way to the West
Supply to Hunting Cabine
Half mile to Go
Always on Mountain
Trail To The Trademark
Way to the Mountain
Learning the Ropes
Best cowboys Idaho Lazy T-2 ranch
Heading to the Rain
Branding in Corral
Water hole AZ
Water hole
Ride back to Ranch
Ready for Branding
Crossing the Creek
Ahead to hight cabine
Deep Creek Trail Head
Heading to Cabine
Back to Ranch
Spring Idaho


New Generation
Yes I am Comin
Let em in Dad
Ride with Best Ranch Hands
Idaho Snow Spring
Hot Supper Waiting
Cowboy Left me Behind Waiting
Grandpa Footsteps
Gold Time
The old diamond ARMS one shot gun
Who Goes There
There I am
Go Faster!
Me & My Pony
Don't Tell My Parents
Fun in the Snow
Coyboy way
Best Ranch Hands
In His Name
Red Trail
A Soft Word and Smile
Waiting for the grass
Letter from Dad with sage brush smel
In Grandpa's Footstep
Remember When
Back to Ranch
Winter Water


Hurry Up
In My Name,I am there
Under the Idaho Sky
One Tough Idaho Cowboy-Doug Youren
Rain 's a Comin
making adjustments
Old Friends
One of the Best Idaho Cowboy
Play it Again
A boy and his best Friend
Dont do it Again
We are done boys, Good Job
The Cowboy Spa
Hunting in Heavy Snow


Breaking From the Herd
Happy day on the farm
Last Kiss of the Sun
The Cowgirl and the Dude
Sunny Ride
A Hard day in the Pen
The Colors of Cowboy Country
The Grass is Greener on Other Side
End of Day
Heading for Warm Shelter
The Gathering Place
El Segundo
Best Friends at Work
Wind from Home
Running for cover_study
Marry Christmas, Son
Outhouse Blues


Chief Gall Fighting leader Soux
Chief Wolf Robe
Chief Sitting Bear
Chief Sitting Bull
Chief Red Cloud
Chief Naiche, Son of Cochise
Chief Little Hawk
Chief Joseph
Chief Geronimo
Chief Garfield
A New Home for Christmas
Nowhere to Hide
A Hard day in the Pen
The Escapees
Sharing a moment
Running for Freedom
Canyon of the Great Ones
Hiding in the Brush
Get Along Little Doggie


Eagle Family Build Nest
Spanish Bull
Medicine Man
Master Bushwalker
California Poppy
You got a Friend
Full Bellies Good Conversation
Up before the Sun
Bull Dogging


Time For Reflection
Take Him Home
Hot Cup A Coffee
Hot Day
Round Rope
Cowboy Pray For Family
Critical Point
Horse Riding
Fell in the Mud
Cowboy Loose Rope
Strong bull
Holding Time
Colorado Style
Thousand Pounds
Get Down
Bull Rodeo
Prey Spotted
Freedom Heights
Spirit Of America
Protect Our Nation
A Good Days Catch
Bald Eagle
Gold Eagle Hunting
Eagle Hunting Siberia
Siberian Hunter


Daddy is Back
Mustangs Running
Guys who is going to help me


Storm in canyon
Branding time
Circle of Life
Buffalo Family
West Wind